Re:amaze Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

Using keyboard shortcuts can make responding to your customers much easier and more efficient. Keyboard shortcuts allow you to instantly access your library of FAQ articles, Response Templates, and products from your Shopify, WooCommerce, or BigCommerce store. To access your shortcuts, simply add a forward slash to the reply box.


The the forward slash shortcut can also be used as a quick search option. After typing “/”, simply start typing for the template or article you need. Re:amaze will search through all matching content.

Other Keyboard Shortcuts

You have access to other keyboard shortcuts when in the inbox view, or when you're viewing a conversation. All keyboard shortcuts are listed below, but can also find them in Re:amaze by using shift + ? anywhere on the dashboard. This will pull up the full list of shortcuts.

Site Navigation

  • g then i Go to Inbox
  • g then r Go to Reports
  • g then a Go to Articles
  • g then c Go to Contacts
  • g then s Go to Settings
  • k Move up
  • j Move down

Selecting Conversations

  • x Select highlighted conversation
  • * then a Select all conversations
  • * then n Deselect all conversations
  • * then u Select unresolved conversations
  • * then r Select resolved conversations
  • shift + click Select multiple conversations

Conversation Actions

  • enter or o Open conversation
  • c Compose new message
  • shift + r Reply to conversation
  • shift + i Resolve conversation
  • f Reassign
  • e Archive
  • shift + f Follow
  • w Workflows
  • shift + c Move


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