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X (Twitter) Integration & Re:amaze

Our X (Twitter) integration allows you to import tweets and direct messages from your account into your Re:amaze dashboard. This allows you to reply to X (Twitter) users directly from Re:amaze.

To connect your account, head to Settings > Social Channels. Click the "+ Add Social Channels" button and select "Connect a X(Twitter) account."


Authenticate via Twitter and accept all permissions Verify your connection and settings on the social channel settings page

By default, Re:amaze will important Tweets as conversations if:

  • Someone mentions you
  • Someone sends you a direct message
  • Someone replies to one of your tweets
  • Someone retweets one of your tweets
  • You add a comment on one of your tweets
Going beyond 280 characters

X (Twitter) limits each tweet to 280 characters maximum. In most cases, that's enough for you to send a quick reply indicating that you've received the message. In other cases, 280 characters is not enough to resolve an issue.

With Re:amaze, you never have to worry about a character limit with our expanded twitter conversation feature. Simply start typing and Re:amaze will alert you when you've crossed the 280 character threshold. Extra characters will be automatically replaced by a permalink for your customers to access. This permalink is a public view of the conversation you're having with the customers.

You may see how this feature works in more detail in this blog article.

Working with X (Twitter) in Re:amaze

You can automat your X (Twitter) channel in Re:amaze using automated Workflows. Automating your Twitter channel will allow you to do things like auto tag and auto assign or even auto reply!



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