Social Channels (Instagram Comments and Mentions)

Connecting your Instagram account to Re:amaze makes it much easier to communicate with customers and deliver better engagement.

What you can do with your Instagram Channel
  • Reply to a public comment as a public comment
  • Visit the customer's Instagram profile by clicking on his or her Instagram ID
  • Leave an internal note for a teammate
  • Forward the conversation to a third party

NOTE: Re:amaze does support Instagram DMs. However, Instagram DMs will need to be connected as a separate channel. Learn more, here: Instagram Direct Messages

Connecting your Instagram account

Adding Instagram as a conversational channel in Re:amaze needs to be done through your Facebook Page. Due to the deprecated API on Instagram's end, all new Instagram integrations must be done through Facebook's API.

In order to add your Instagram account to Re:amaze through your Facebook Page, it must be connected to your Facebook Page as a "Business" account. You can apply for a new Instagram Business Account here or convert your existing Instagram account into a Business account for free. Simply look for the option to do so in your settings menu on Instagram.

Once you have an Instagram Business Account connected to your Facebook Page, please verify to make sure everything is set up properly in your Facebook Page's settings menu. It should look something like the following.

Alt Text

Connecting to Re:amaze

Now you're ready to connect everything to Re:amaze. Start by going to your Settings > Social Channels. From here, click "+ Add Social Channel" and select "Connect Instagram (Via Facebook)."


When prompted by Facebook for access to permissions, make sure you select "OK" and accept all the items requested by Re:amaze. Re:amaze will need permission to read, post, and access customer profiles for Instagram.

Once you've authenticated the permissions and have made sure you're the full admin of the page, you'll be taken back to Re:amaze to select which Pages and/or Instagram accounts you would like to connect.

After you've selected which Instagram account you'd like to connect, you can scroll down and select the import options for Instagram.

Finish setting up your preferences

You’ll want to select the default recipients, import settings, and notification mode. The “Smart” option will only import comments and messages that are questions or mentions (either sentences ending with ‘?’ or starts with ‘@’). The default setting is to import all and notify on all.

Once you’ve connected your Instagram account, make sure you check a few threads to see if all the pictures and comments are present.

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