Octane AI: How-To

Octane AI enables Shopify merchants to increase revenue with a Facebook Messenger bot that customers love. It can help your business from cart recovery to follow up messages and from Messenger ads to answering questions. If you're already using Octane AI for Shopify, all you need to do is connect your Facebook Messenger account to Re:amaze alongside your Shopify account. And because Octane AI is already handling your bot-driven messages, it'll work with Re:amaze without further customization.

When customers are interacting with the Octane AI chatbot via quick select buttons, these messages do not arrive in Re:amaze as they are bot-driven. As soon as the customer wishes to talk to a human agent and selects this option via a quick select button, the conversation cab be escalated to your Re:amaze inbox for human support interaction.

Here's a link to Octane AI's documentation for Re:amaze.

What you can do with Octane

  • See a history of the chatbot's conversation with the customer when it gets escalated to your support team
  • Respond directly to the customer from Re:amaze following the chatbot's interaction
  • See all Octane chatbot's resolved (closed) conversations with customers in Re:amaze's Bot Resolved filter


It is recommended that you set Octane AI as the a primary receiver for your Facebook page (not Re:amaze). This will allow Octane to respond to incoming conversations before you handle them on your Re:amaze Inbox. These settings can be found in your Facebook Page Settings > Advanced Messaging > Messenger Receiver.
Primary Receiver Settings

From Facebook's Handover Protocol documentation:

The Messenger Platform's handover protocol enables two or more Facebook apps to participate in a conversation by passing control of the conversation between them. This feature can be used in many ways to enrich your Messenger experience. There are 3 common use cases for Handover Protocol.

  1. A business wants to use an automated experience for simple FAQs but wants to transfer the customer to a live support agent for complex inquiries. In this case the automated experience and live agent experiences are powered by 2 different apps.
  2. A business wants to run a marketing campaign and wants to use an automated experience to qualify leads or provide product recommendations based on product quiz. After the lead qualification, the business would like to use Facebook Page Inbox to follow up with the prospect.
  3. A business wants to run a marketing campaign and send prospects to a specific Messenger experience but do not want the customer support agents on the business page to be distracted by messages coming from the campaign.

The interaction between Octane and Re:amaze is the first common use case listed. We recommend setting Octane as your Primary Receiver in order for this interaction to work as intended.

Avoiding Issues

When you have Octane AI's chatbot serving your Messenger channel, Re:amaze will automatically keep conversations resolved if the bot responds with any message. Conversely, Re:amaze will leave the conversation as unresolved if the bot does not respond. Make sure your bots do not send any autoresponder messages that don't drive the conversation to a resolution. This can leave conversations in a resolved state even though the customer is still awaiting a response from a human.

This means you should avoid using a third-party bot as an autoresponder (e.g. "Thanks, we'll get back to you soon"). Instead, you should use Messenger's built-in autoresponder capability, which Re:amaze can detect and leave the conversation in the appropriate state.

Here's an example of bot drive conversations that can come into Re:amaze:

Works with Re:amaze

Customer: question
Bot: something
Customer: Talk to human (via quick reply)

Does not work with Re:amaze

Customer: question
Bot: something
Customer: Talk to human (via quick reply)
Bot: Okay

If the chatbot responds after a quick reply button, such as "Okay", Messenger will leave the conversation in a resolved state, preventing it from getting escalated to your Re:amaze support team inbox.

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