Shopify Draft Orders: How-To

You can create Shopify draft orders for a particular customer (whether new or existing) within Re:amaze and give customer service agents and sales personnel the ability to convert customers seamlessly. This immensely powerful feature, when connected to Shopify, closes the loop for a highly effective sales generating workflow. Here’s an example:

  1. Acme Company implements the Re:amaze Shoutbox for real time chat on its store website.
  2. Acme Company also implements Re:amaze Cues to help engage browsing shoppers.
  3. Abby Thomas is a repeat shopper looking for a product sold by Acme Company and having trouble locating it. She chooses to engage with a Cue that just so happens to pop-up during her time of need.
  4. The agent starts a chat with Abby and identifies her Shopify profile in Re:amaze as a high-value customer with past purchase histories. Abby tells the agent that she would like to order a product ASAP.
  5. The agent immediately helps Abby facilitate a new purchase by using the Draft Order feature and sends her an invoice for payment.

To create a draft order, click on the gear icon in the Shopify integration in Re:amaze:

You can append notes to the draft order. When you’re ready, click on the “Add Products” button.

Discounts can be applied to the draft order as well! Once the draft order has been created, you can click on the link to review the order in Shopify or send the invoice to the customer via email.

We highly encourage you to give draft orders a shot and let us know how it has helped you increase sales! Our team is always open for feedback.

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