Shopify Draft Orders: How-To

With your Shopify account integrated with Re:amaze, you and your team can effortlessly create draft orders while engaging with customers via chat. Imagine a customer inquiring about an item or requesting a discount—quickly generate an order for them and provide an invoice. This powerful feature reduces friction for your customers and makes for a highly effective sales generating workflow.

Creating a Draft Order
  • To create a draft order, scroll down to the Shopify customer profile within the right rail of a conversation. Click on the gearwheel icon and select "Draft Order."


  • You can add products or custom items to the draft order by clicking "Add Products" or "Add Custom Item." You can also leave an order note if needed.


  • Once a product as been added to the order, you can provide a discount based on a dollar amount or a percentage. Shipping costs can also be added before creating and completing the order.


  • Once the draft order has been created, you can click on the order number link in the top-left corner of the modal to review the order in Shopify. You can also send the invoice to the customer via email by clicking the "Email" button. When you're all done, simply click "Complete."


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