Amazon Integration (Beta)

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Since 06/15/2023 Re:amaze no longer supports a native Amazon integration, but this functionality and more can be accessed through our ChannelReply integration.

If you sell your products on Amazon, our new Amazon integration will allow you to access your customer's purchase history from your Amazon listing. The integrations will display order items, order status, purchase date, and much more! You will also have the ability to click out to view the order on Amazon.


How to connect Amazon to Re:amaze

To add the Amazon integration to your Re:amaze account, you can go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Apps > Amazon Marketplace (BETA). From there, find the Brand that you would like to connect your Amazon account to and click “Connect Amazon Marketplace.”


Follow the instructions on the screen, add your Seller ID, Marketplace ID(s), and MWS Auth Token, and click save. Re:amaze should now successfully be connected to your Amazon Marketplace.

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