BigCommerce Integration Details

First, you need to install the Reamaze For BigCommerce app if you haven't yet done so already.

If your BigCommerce store allows customer login and accounts, Reamaze can be integrated into your customer-facing website to deliver seamless customer support by not always requesting for a known customer's name and email.

Integrating Reamaze JS for BigCommerce with Weak SSO

Following the steps below will provide your BigCommerce storefront with both the Support Shoutbox and Authentication, giving your customers quick access to support (and conversation history if they’re logged in to your store).

To integrate, you'll just need a couple of snippets of HTML added to your BigCommerce theme template.

Alt Text

The following HTML fragments should be added in the <head> section of the base.html file, after the Reamaze Shoutbox script lines of your BigCommerce template:

<script type="text/javascript">
  _support['user'] = {
    email: '{{ }}',
    name: '{{}}',

Weak SSO is designed for BigCommerce stores to give customers an easy way contact you without having to provide their name and email every time.

Alt Text

Hide Reamaze Embed Temporarily

If you've installed Reamaze through the BigCommerce App Store and wish to remove the Embed installed on your storefront in its entirety, simply open your base.html file and add the following to your template:

var _support = _support || { 'ui': {}, 'user': {} };
_support['ui']['widget'] =  false;

Once you're ready to show the Embed again, simply remove the script above and save.