Before You Get Started

Howdy! Welcome to the getting started guide :)

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Before you dive in, we highly recommend taking a guided video tour of Reamaze. You can find our video tutorial series here: The video tutorial will cover some topics not found in the getting started guide so we want to make sure you can easily refer to them.

Reamaze is a multi-channel and multi-brand helpdesk platform. That means we'll really shine when you can bring in multiple channels into one place. For example:

  1. Implement our Shoutbox/Lightbox Embed to give customers a way to reach you directly on-site or in-app through a click of a button. The Shoutbox/Lightbox Embeds seamlessly transition between direct messaging, live chat, and email without you needing to worry where you are and where the customer is. It just works. See this video:
  2. Integrate social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! See this tutorial here:
  3. Connect up 3rd party applications that you already use with Reamaze. For non-native integrations, we recommend our Zapier integration. See this tutorial here:

Good luck and feel free to reach out to us with any questions!