Managing your subscription and payment method

You can view what subscription plan you're on by clicking on "Settings" and then "Subscription Plan" under "Plan Settings". The information displayed are as follows:

  • Name (the plan name): Paid
  • Monthly amount due (based on your plan price and number of staff users): $0
  • Plan pricing (unit pricing for your plan): $0.00 per month for X staff users and $Y per additional staff user
  • Number of staff users: 3
  • Live Chat Enabled (Live Chat is either on or off for your entire team): Yes
  • Credit card on file: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-0000 (edit)

Click on the "Payment Method" option to update the credit card you have on file. It's important to keep the credit card you have on file update to prevent service interruptions. If the system is unable to process a charge, your Reamaze account will temporarily go into a suspended mode where you can still access your conversations in read-only mode.

Issues with payment processing

There may be certain situations where payments cannot be processed:

  1. Wrong credit card number or billing address. Make sure to double check your inputs and try again.

  2. Card blocked by bank. Make sure you approve the charges by Reamaze if your credit card company reaches out about a blocked charge.

Annual subscription

If you'd like to pay for your Reamaze subscription up front on an annual basis. Make sure to reach out to our team directly for assistance. Our email is