Displaying full HTML email content by default

By default, Re:amaze displays non HTML email content by isolating important textual content and storing the rest of the HTML content in the "View Original Email" link. The advantages to this method of displaying emails are two-fold:

  1. It drastically simplifies what customer service agents see by removing non-relevant content such as HTML signatures, random formatting, inline images (turned into attachments), etc.
  2. It drastically increases security by not loading HTML email content automatically. This can mitigate the dangers presented by phishing emails or malicious code sent by hackers.

However, for businesses that receive a lot of HTML emails from automated systems such as order confirmation emails, shipping status emails, or newsletters, turning on HTML mode by default might make sense. However, turning on HTML mode by default must be done on a per email channel basis. You can do so by going to "Settings" > "Email Channels" > "Manage Settings".

Alt Text

Here's what the HTML mode looks like in action:

Alt Text