Lightbox Embed

The Reamaze Lightbox is our second most popular Embed. A few lines of JavaScript produced by your account's Embed Builder will give your customers the ability to contact you in various ways. The Lightbox is unique in that you can embed it into a pre-existing HTML element on your site or app. For example, you can launch the Lightbox when the customer clicks on an image, a line of text, or a button that you've designed.

Lightbox variations

  1. Direct messaging. When you're logged in to your Reamaze account but have live chat turned off and your customer is still on your website, you can interact with customers in real time via live push notifications. However, there is no expectation that the conversation is "live".

  2. Classic Live Chat. When you're logged in to your Reamaze account and have classic live chat turned on and your customer is still on your website, you can engage in real time live conversations with a customer if they request to chat.

  3. Email. If you and the customer are both logged off, the Lightbox transforms into an email contact form and gives you the ability to follow up with customers via email. Even if you do reply via the dashboard at a later time, the customer will always receive your reply through his/her email.

  4. Self-service mode. The Lightbox can be configured to show your FAQ first.

Configuring your Lightbox

We recommend using the Embed Builder found in your account's settings menu to produce the Lightbox you need. You can watch a video tutorial of the Embed Builder in action here:

The Lightbox can be customized in the following ways:

  1. You can change the lightbox size
  2. You can add/delete custom form fields in order to collect more data from the customer
  3. You can change the theme color
  4. You can change the text of every customer-facing prompt by going to "Settings" > "Brands" > "Text Customization"

The Embed Builder will go through each of the above configurations. Just follow along. You can also visit our developer page here: