Embedding FAQ

The embeddable FAQ is a great way to display help articles and allowing customers to search for them on your site. It will render automatically inline and take up the available horizontal screen space (so it works well on mobile devices) and stretch its content vertically.

For specific implementation instructions, see https://www.reamaze.com/developer/widget_kb.

You may also use the Embed Builder in your Re:amaze account to build the embedded FAQ. Just tell the wizard that you'd like your a "Direct Webpage Embed" + "Showing my FAQ" + "for Your Brand".

Other things to watch out for

Problems with article loading or looping back to index:

Reamaze uses anchors (#) to set the URL when a user clicks around the embedded FAQ. Sometimes, there can be a script on your site (or plugin/theme installed on your site) that is stripping the anchor, which causes our FAQ to loop back to the index page.

There are two solutions:

  1. We have the ability to turn off history tracking. You can just change the embedded HTML to something like this: <div data-reamaze-embed="kb" data-reamaze-embed-track-history="off"></div>. Note the extra attribute. This is a compromise because you lose the ability to link to an article embedded on your page and refreshes will not work as well. This will help Reamaze not collide with another script/theme that's running on your site.

  2. Fix the offending script on your site. This may be difficult as you may not own the offending script or it's deeply embedded into the experience of your site/app.