Re:amaze Push Campaigns

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What are Push Campaigns?

Re:amaze Push Campaigns allow you to directly market to your customer base via Push Notifications! Push Notifications are a simple way of communicating with your users who have opted in for notifications from your website. Using Re:amaze Push Campaigns, you can send a message promoting a sale, product launch, or breaking news directly to their device.

Businesses can send push notification to desktop and Android devices, but not iOS devices. iOS devices (like iPhones and iPads) only allow push notifications from native iOS apps. Additionally, push campaigns cannot be segmented, meaning that you cannot target a specific group of users. Push campaigns will be sent out to the entire audience.

Re:amaze Push Campaigns

Setting Up Your Push Campaigns

For your Push Campaigns to reach your subscribers, you will need to install a snippet of code under your domain. Specifically, you are installing the Re:amaze service worker, which will be loaded on your customer's browser when they subscribe for push notifications. When you send a Push Campaign, Re:amaze will communicate with this service worker to display a push notification on that subscriber's device.

The following snippet must be installed on your site under the path /rmzServiceWorker.js and be publicly accessible:

So, if your domain is, the above snippet would be loaded under

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