Building Your Push Campaign Audience

Before creating a Push Campaign, you will first need to build an audience by requesting push permissions from your website visitors. You can request permission using two methods: Push prompts or Cues.

Creating Push Prompts

A Push Prompt is a Re:amaze embeddable specifically for building your Push Campaign audience. Push Prompts are recommended over other methods of prompting users for push notifications because browsers typically only prompt website visitors once for push permissions. Push Prompts allow you to prompt the same visitor multiple times.

To build a Push Prompt, go to "Settings > Push Prompts". If you have multiple brands, select the brand you would like to build a Push Prompt for.


Next, give your Push Prompt a Title and Message. We recommend language prompting the user to subscribe for updates, sales, feature announcements, etc. You can also set the "Re-Prompt delay." This is an amount of time you can set before the prompt will be displayed to customers after they've dismissed it previously, which will help you to continue building your audience.


Save your Push Prompt and the builder will guide you through installation instructions to get the Prompt installed on your website.

Using Cues for Push Permissions

Alternatively, you can use a Re:amaze Cue to request Push Permissions from your website visitors. Navigate to Settings > Cues to build a new Cue.

Build your Cue by providing a Name and Message, then scroll down the Action Buttons. Provide text for this button and for the "Button Type" select "Prompt for Push Permissions." When visitors click on this button, your site will request permission to send notifications to their device. Once that is done, they will be added to your audience and future Push Campaigns will be sent to this user.


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