Sorting and managing conversations

The sort order for customer conversations in Reamaze is performed automatically for you and your team depending on the filter view you're currently on.

For the "All Conversation" filter (and other sub filters are inclusive of a lot of historical conversations, like "Archived"), conversations are sorted by showing the newest customer conversation first.

For the "Unresolved filter" (and other sub filters which display an awaiting subset, like the "Awaiting" filter) conversations are sorted by showing the oldest customer conversation first.

Note Sorting is always based on customer message timestamps. Staff reply messages or internal notes will not alter the sort placement of a conversation.

Since Reamaze is not a typical email platform, sorting is designed to help guarantee that your team will be going through conversations in the appropriate order based on your task at hand. For example, if you're going through unresolved conversations, you'll be able to reply to customers by the order they've been waiting by default. The customer waiting the longest will have their conversation show up first. If you're going through historical conversations, you'll have things neatly sorted by reverse chronological order.