Re:amaze Automated Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Ratings

Automated Satisfaction Surveys

For Plus Plan users, you can turn on automated Customer Satisfaction Surveys in your Re:amaze account's settings menu under "Email Channels".

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Check the "Satisfaction Survey Enabled" box to turn it on. Next, select the amount of delay (in hours) you wish the system to wait before a survey is sent to the customer's email address. You may select the types of conversation states before they're eligible for a survey. For example, to send a survey only to resolved conversations, choose the "Resolved" option.

Once you have this configured, send yourself a test survey and take a look for yourself. Remember to use an email address that's not already associated with your Re:amaze account. It should look something like this:

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Select a rating to be taken to the Survey Site and you will be able to either change your rating or leave additional comments.

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Automated Satisfaction Surveys for Re:amaze Classic Chat

Classic Chat supports satisfaction surveys directly within the chatbox after a chat has ended. Customers can rate your support quality and leave additional feedback for your team. Classic Live Chat satisfaction ratings and metrics are stored in Re:amaze Reporting in your dashboard.

To turn on satisfaction ratings for Classic Live Chat, you can go to Re:amaze Settings > Chat and Office Hours > Messaging Mode to enable it.

Customizing the Survey's Text

You may customize the language used in your Satisfaction Survey by going to "Brands" and then "Text Customization". Scroll down to the Satisfaction Surveys section.

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Satisfaction Ratings Report

Collected satisfaction surveys and ratings metrics can be reviewed in your Re:amaze account's Satisfaction Ratings Report. This summary report will provide at-a-glance metrics for:

  • Average ratings by month, week, and day
  • Average ratings by running 30-days, last month, last week, and yesterday
  • Number of surveys sent, ratings received, and comments received

The Satisfaction Ratings Report will also show your ratings distribution among "Abysmal, Poor, Average, Good, and Great". Towards the bottom of the report are the latest comments and feedback customers have left for you on your Survey Site.

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