Agent collision detection

It happens. Excited and proactive customer support agents will sometimes "fight" to support customers. It's entirely possible for two or more staff members to reply to the same customer message simultaneously. This can happen if two agents are in different locations. If unintentional, this can be a bit awkward. If intentional, there must be a consistent method for two different agents to reply.

Luckily, you can take advantage of Re:amaze's Agent Collision Detection system. If you reply to the same customer message in a 5-minute window as another agent (or vice versa), Re:amaze will hold the reply and alert you of a possible collision through the web UI as soon as you click send. This will give you the option to either delete the redundant reply or post it anyway. If you sent the reply through email, Re:amaze will email you the possible collision notice. You can then choose to publish or delete your reply.

Collision detection works quietly in the background so you never have to worry about sending a repetitive reply. Awesome, right?