Creating workflows with social media channels

Automating social media channel conversations may be extremely helpful during high velocity events. For example, you just released a new product or feature and announced it on your Twitter account and Facebook page. In fact, the launch was so successful you've got hundreds of people asking questions about its availability or maybe congratulating you.

Without workflows, you'd have to reply to each and every comment or tweet! With workflows, you can create highly targeted replies and fire them off automatically through Reamaze. These social media workflows work for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

To create a social media workflow, start by creating a workflow per usual by going to "Settings" then "Workflows" and finally "Create a workflow".

  1. From the triggers menu, select the "Message Channel is" option. Select a social media channel.

  2. You can add another "or" condition and pick another social media channel. This will enable the workflow if the message channel matches either Facebook OR Twitter OR Instagram.

  3. You can pick other "and" conditions if you'd like the targeting to be more specific.

  4. For the commands, you can pick whatever works best for you. The command options work for all channels and are universal.