Editing in markdown

Reamaze utilizes a standard and fool-proof markdown editor for all your typing needs. Markdown is a standard editor for web content and offers many advantages over traditional WYSIWYG HTML editors.

  • Markdown is easy: The syntax is easy to learn and useful everywhere. Markdown also support emojis and emoticons!

  • Markdown is fast: Oftentimes HTML editors can't format your content in a way you like no matter what you do. Markdown's simple formatting is guaranteed to save you time in the long run because it's consistent every time. No crazy HTML tags here. Our testing shows that markdown is often faster than other editors and even word processors.

  • Markdown is clean: Markdown translates to perfectly-formed HTML. No more strange indentations or line breaks, no more improperly nested tags, etc. Need to copy from something else? Good luck with any other HTML editor. Markdown gets it right every time. It's fool proof!

  • Markdown is mobile: By default, markdown works the same way across whatever platform you're working on. That means you'll never experience any oddities like opening Word documents in Apple Pages. You can edit them anywhere and with anything.

Markdown fits any workflow and we'll do our best to give you the proper training. Just reach out and ask!

Here's our favorite markdown tutorial site: https://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/syntax