Customer Custom Attributes and Data Blocks

When customers contact you, Reamaze automatically creates a profile for that customer. This profile includes the customer's avatar, conversation history, and a list of defining attributes. This list of attributes can be manually entered by agents to help identify a customer. Customer attributes are an important part of understanding who the customer is and can help provide relevant contexts to agents when replying to the customer. Attributes can be entered freely as key-value pairs:

Country: United States
Plan: Premium
Usage Type: Heavy
Billing: Annual
Shipping #: 000001
Time Zone: Pacific
Clients: 213

These are all valid examples of potential key-value pairs you can enter manually. Alternatively, if you wish to pass customer data as key-value pairs dynamically to Reamaze, you can choose to use our data API. Please refer to the integration guide here:

To add customer attributes, click on the "Contacts" tab and select the customer by clicking on his/her name. On the customer profile page, click on the "Add attributes" link on the right hand side under "Custom Attributes".

How do these custom attributes help?

Attributes you add/provide are automatically attached to a valid customer's message when they contact you. This is displayed as a gray-colored "Data Block" beneath the customer's message. This data block may help agents build context and better serve customers' needs. If no attributes available, nothing will be displayed.