Magento Integration

Do you run a storefront or e-commerce site with Magento? Have you been searching for an integrated support solution for that storefront? We take our e-commerce users pretty seriously because we understand the need for great customer service when it comes to selling things online. That’s why we’ve partnered up with Magento Connect to give your e-commerce an additional dash of awesomeness.

You can find Reamaze in the Magento Extensions Marketplace with a super easy install. With it, you’ll have a one stop shop for customer support to your e-commerce site. This also includes all the added benefits such as the support Lightbox Embed, FAQ, and much more. We’ve also made things easy for you with single sign-on so that when you log into your Magento Admin, we’ll automatically log you into Reamaze as well.

Find the Reamaze extension here.