HipChat Integration

NOTE: HipChat has been replaced by Atlassian Stride. Read about our Stride integration here: https://www.stride.com/blog/re-amaze-brings-collaborative-customer-service-to-stride

If you’re like us, and by us we mean team-oriented superstars, then you’ve most likely used HipChat before. Like Slack, HipChat alleviates many common headaches we have around internal communications. It offers seamless transitions between internal and external conversations, a place to share important notes/files, and beautiful interfaces on both web and mobile. In other words, it’s everything a growing company needs to stay healthy and agile.

As we work to support more apps that businesses like us love, HipChat easily became the obvious choice for integration. With HipChat integration, you will be able to feed incoming and outgoing support conversations directly into a HipChat room of your choice. Replies are automatically synced so no teammate will ever be left in the dark. The integration will also allow user-mapping to ensure everyone is accounted for in either accounts.

Getting Started

  1. Click on “Settings”, “Apps”, and then “HipChat”.
  2. Allow Reamaze access to your HipChat account.
  3. Complete the on-screen settings.
  4. Alternatively, you may find Reamaze in the “Integrations” panel under your admin account.

HipChat Settings in Reamaze

There are many different things you can do with HipChat in terms of managing rooms and channels and brands. You can map specific Reamaze brands' conversation to specific HipChat rooms and even map specific Reamaze staff members to HipChat team members. Mapping rooms and staff members will allow HipChat to send push notifications via the web browser or mobile app.