Video Tutorial Series

  • Comprehensive Platform Demo

  • Email Channels and Email Forwarding

    One of the most important things to setup in Reamaze is your email channel (for interacting with customer emails) and setting up forwarding (so you can bring in customer emails from an address you already use).
  • Autoresponders, Email Appearance, Inserting Articles/Responses

    Learn how to enable and customize your email autoresponders, changing outgoing email template formats, creating your knowledge, and setting up some response template. Watch the videos below!
  • Text Customization

    Learn how to customize the public-facing portions of your Reamaze Help Site / FAQ, Shoutbox Embed, Lightbox Embed, and Live Chat. Do things like changing all the text, changing it to a foreign language, or just making the experience a little more native to your tone and spirit!
  • Reamaze Embed Builder

    Want to customize your Reamaze Embed but don't want to deal with the code? Want to change the Embed's trigger button but not sure what it'll look like? The Embed Builder is here to help!
  • Shopify and Reamaze

    Learn how to install the Reamaze App to your Shopify store. Also, we teach you how to deploy the Reamaze Shoutbox with full customization! NOTE: To implement the default Reamaze Shoutbox embed for your "Checkout" or "Thank You" pages, go to Shopify Admin -> Settings -> Checkout (Or...
  • Automated Workflows

    Learn how to leverage Reamaze's powerful automated workflows system to ramp up support!
  • Implementing a Traditional Contact Form in Shopify

    If you want to add a traditional contact form along with or instead of the default Reamaze Shoutbox and Lightbox Embeds, then you can easily do that by watching this guided tutorial:
  • Integrating Reamaze with Wix

    We have a dedicated blog announcement for getting the Reamaze Shoutbox integrated into your Wix store. Check out the quick video below!
  • New Response Templates (Macros) UI

    Small changes to UI elements can yield great efficiency gains. We recently updated how response templates are managed, presented, and inserted and thought it'd be helpful to just have Marvin run through how it all works. Check out the tutorial video below:
  • Roles and Permissions

    Learn how to create roles and set specific permissions in Reamaze.
  • Special Syntaxes Tutorial

    Learn how to use special syntaxes from your email and control specific actions in your Reamaze dashboard.
  • Zapier and Reamaze

    Using an app that isn't natively integrated with Reamaze? Fear not! Use Zapier to connect to hundreds of apps with ease. Watch the video tutorial guide below: