Understanding Tags (also known as folders or labels)

We always like to say that tagging is a habit. Sometimes, it's a very necessary habit and all support team member should get in the habit of tagging conversations. A tag in Reamaze serves several different function:

  1. A tag acts as a label. If you're familiar with Gmail, this will make a ton of sense. You can open a conversation, apply a tag just like you would a label and easily refer back to it at a later time. Tagging therefore acts as a filter and allows you access conversations with a click of a button. Tags can co-exist with other tags just like labels.

  2. A tag acts as its own folder. We often get questions about foldering in Reamaze. This is a concept passed down by archaic email clients and unfortunately still plagues all of us. A folder is essentially a tag. You group like-minded conversations together and easily access them. If you do need a folder, make a tag!

  3. Tags work well with workflow automation. You can use workflow automation to automatically apply a tag to conversations that have matched certain conditions. More on workflows here.

  4. Tags work in reporting to help you narrow down specific performance metrics. Tagging is a big part of reporting in Reamaze. For almost every report, you can drill down on certain tags to make your scope narrower and get much more accurate metrics. You can even view a tags report to see which tags are used often. A tag with high adoption usually indicates a pattern of some sort.