Creating your knowledge base / FAQ

Knowledge Base Modes

Each of your brands in Reamaze has a knowledge base feature that can be deployed in various different formats. Unlike traditional knowledge base softwares, Reamaze-powered knowledge bases can be:

  • Hosted by itself on its on domain
  • Integrated into your site or app as an inline feature
  • Integrated into your Reamaze Embeds such as the Shoutbox or the Lightbox

Hosted Knowledge Base

The hosted Reamaze knowledge is a standalone site that you can link your customers to. Turning it on is as simple as going to "Settings" and then "Brands". Below your brand name will be a link to enable your public site.

You can further customize your hosted knowledge base's experience by clicking on the "See all settings" link under your brand. There you'll be able to customize things like:

  • The knowledge base's appearance
  • Text customization
  • Uploading your own header and footer content in addition to person CSS styles
  • Setting up a custom domain for your hosted knowledge base
  • Adding analytics
  • Setting up your search index configurations

Shoutbox/Lightbox Knowledge Base

Your knowledge base content can also be displayed within your Reamaze Shoutbox or Lightbox. When your knowledge base is deployed in this mode, it's known as the "Self Service Mode" and gives your customers the ability to search for their own answers before they leverage the Shoutbox or Lightbox contact form/chat features to reach out to you.

To enable Self Service Mode, we recommend using the Embed Builder to turn it on. When prompted to start, pick the following options:

  • I want a "Knowledge Base"
  • Loaded "as the Shoutbox" or "in the Lightbox/modal"
  • For my "XYZ" brand

Complete the Embed Builder steps to retrieve the JavaScript snippet needed to paste into your site's HTML. You can read more about the Shoutbox and Lightbox on our developer documents.

Inline Knowledge Base

The inline knowledge base is an embeddable version of the hosted knowledge base. The key advantage to the inline knowledge base is that it can be fully integrated into your existing site content and be displayed natively in the context of your choice. To create the JavaScript needed for the inline knowledge base, use the Embed Builder to pick the following options:

  • I want a "Knowledge Base"
  • Loaded as "Embedded on my webpage"
  • For my "XYZ" brand

You can also refer to this article for further customizations.

Creating Public Knowledge Base Articles

Having a well organized knowledge base, also known as the FAQ, can help your customers help themselves. Not all customers prefer direct communications and many are more than capable in finding solutions on their own. Your Reamaze account comes with a public site ready to host your knowledge base content. All you need to do is turn it on, set up your topics and articles, give it a little customization, and you're ready to go!

First let's turn on your public site. Go to "Settings" and then "Brands". Under each brand you'll see something called "Hosted KB Site Settings". If it says disabled, give it a click to turn it on. Public sites that are disabled will not be able to display relevant content.

Second, let's create a topic. Go to "Articles" on the left hand navigation menu. Click on the "New Topic" or "New Article" button to start your first topic. You can add articles to each topic as you go. Remember, you can insert images and embed videos into knowledge base articles by using simple markdown syntax or HTML. If you're not very familiar with markdown, you can visit for quick tips.

For example, the markdown syntax for embedding an image is:

![Alt text](/path/to/img.jpg)

For YouTube videos, simply copy and paste the embed code and paste!

Third, you can sort topics and articles the way you want by clicking on the "Sort Articles and Topics" button at the top left hand corner while you're in the "Articles" view.

Fourth, you can customize the header, footer, and CSS styling of your public knowledge base by going to "Settings" then "Brands" then "See All Settings". Once there, you'll want to input the changes in "Custom Header and Footer".

Fifth, you can customize the base appearance of your knowledge base by going to "Appearance Settings" for your Hosted KB Site Settings.

Internal Knowledge Base Articles

You can publish internal knowledge base articles just by picking the "Internal" state. Only logged in staff members will be able to view the internal knowledge base articles while on the public site. Your customers will not be able to see them. Of course, staff members can just opt to view the internal articles from within the dashboard. Internal articles cannot be inserted into replies.