How Instagram channel integration works

Connecting your Instagram account with Reamaze

  1. Create a new channel just for your Instagram feed. Go to “Settings” > “Social Integrations” > “+ A New Social Channel” > "Connect an Instagram Account".

  2. Authenticate with your username and password through oauth. This is a highly secure method provided by Instagram. It's recommend that you log into your Instagram account prior to connecting Instagram to Reamaze.

  3. Connect a brand to your Instagram account to get the benefits of features like notifications and workflows.

  4. Finish setting up your preferences. You’ll want to select the default recipients, import settings, and notification mode. The “Smart” option will only import comments that are questions or mentions (either sentences ending with ‘?’ or starts with ‘@’). The “Smart” notification mode will also only notify when messages come in with ‘?’ at the end or ‘@’ in the front. The default setting is to import all and notify on all.

  5. Once you’ve connected your Instagram account, make sure you check a few threads to see if all the pictures and comments are present.

What you can do with your Instagram Channel

  • You can reply to a public comment as a public comment
  • You can visit the customer's Instagram profile by clicking on his or her Instagram ID
  • You can leave an internal note for a teammate
  • You can forward the conversation to a third party

Do you support private messages for Instagram?

Unfortunately, we do not currently support private messages via Instagram. This is because Instagram has not opened up their API to allow 3rd party apps to access private messages. We're working with Instagram to improve this in the near future.